Friday, May 28, 2010

Hunting and Gathering

OK, so I didn't go and hunt wild game, I'm just a plant "hunter/gatherer" I find plants I like and I snag a tiny bit, in hopes that they will take root, or snip off a few seeds to see if I can get the cute little flower to bloom in our garden. Yes, my name is Janice, and I'm a plant clepto.
While watering carnation, the flower head fell off! I guess the pressure was too high. So I have Chicky here a new hair-do, love it!
I hunted and gathered some fresh loquats(last of the season), green onions and garlic chives. Oh! almost forgot, sweet peas from the composted peas that decided they wanted to grow!
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Anne said...

LOL!! Welcome to my "seedy" world of plant propagation. At my previous house my flower gardens were mostly from seeds, cuttings, divisions I had collected. Wonderful neighbors are a treasure.
Ever try rooting tomato cuttings?

AJK said...

Yes, our garden is a collection of snippets and seed starters! We've had a few gifted culms and seedlings, but most of the little flowers and shrubs are "borrowed".

I've rooted our own tomato cuttings, just stick them in a glass of water and they just send out roots! I've propagated a few that I thought were really good cultivars that way. I have a Roma tomato ( I think) that just happened to grow in our garden by the telephone pole (BLT sandwich eatin' wire technician maybe?) And it's been a prolific hardy plant, so I've kept it's seed and have been using it ever since.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I love those volunteers that just come up where every they want....:)
Have you tried the Topsey Turvey tomato planter yet? This is my first try at it. I put a little cherry tomato plant in it. So far....I am not sure they like being up side down, and you have to water every day, their leaves are turning yellow, just don't seem to be doing as well as the other tomato plants...........I guess we'll see. Cut down some chives and added them to my chicken soup tonight....mmmm...good.

Anne said...

I have yet to encounter one person who has had any decent luck with the topsy turvey. Roots naturally head down, stems want to stretch to the sun, and the roots need some protection from too much heat (and lack of water) so they don't cook. It's not a new concept. An elderly lady I used to chat with had done it since she was a kid but it was more for entertainment as they never produced a crop anywhere near what conventionally planted tomatoes did. It was just an amusing conversation piece.

AJK said...

I see a few of those topsy turvey things around the neighborhood, they never seemed to be doing well. I figure it's just a sales gimmick, so I don't buy those. I've got a good set up with the 15 gallon pots, I continue to fill it with compost and grass clippings, add some worms and they do all the work! Basically, it's tomatoes growing in a compost bin. Tomatoes love worm poop! There's plenty of egg shells in the compost too, so they don't get blossom end rot.