Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harvests and a New Apron!

Strawberries that fill my hand (ok, so my hand is not the biggest 'round here)
Loquats and Strawberries for my breakfast
Since I spend SOOO much time in the kitchen, I thought it'd be nice to feel cute and feminine while I cooked away... So, I splurged and bought a new apron as my "Mother's Day" gift to myself. hehe... Go to www.boojiboo.com if you want yours!


Blessed Rain said...

Love your mothers day gift! This was my first year that I had to buy myself a gift. I also bought kitchen items, towels, potholders ect. Every years before this my hubby just took me to dinner. This year my daughter wanted to buy me something.The next day when her papa had her give it too me she proudly walked forward with her little brother and handed me the items saying "Happy Mothers day I picked this out just for you!"

AJK said...

thanks for stopping by Blessed Rain! That's sweet that your kiddies picked out a special present!

Anonymous said...

Cute apron! Those are beautiful yummy looking strawberries!