Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Grown Meals

I canned a dozen pints of Loquats on Thursday
Home Grown Dinner Salad with Loquats
Loquats and Strawberries for my homemade yogurt


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I am interested.......what is a Loquat, is it like a peach, never heard of Loquats.........looks delicious though...will have to check out the stores to see if Loquats are carried there!

AJK said...

Hi Louise, thanks for dropping by. Loquats are actually distant relatives of apples, but you're right, they do look more like little peaches. Their texture is similar to peaches but their aroma is distinctly more floral/tropical. I doubt you will find Loquats in the stores as they bruise easier than an apricot. The tree is very hardy, can withstand a variety of temperatures, although they do prefer it warm. They don't mind drought once the tree is established, but enjoys watering and will produce more juicier fruit with adequate water. The seeds are rather numerous and large for the size of the fruit, and are prolific, birds and squirrels love the fruit as well, and boy do they scatter them everywhere. I let them eat their fill, as our tree is large and it gives us humans plenty to eat and then some. I have to pick up whatever seeds are scattered so it doesn't become a loquat forest!