Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Turtle pictures"

Here's some better pictures of the little tortoise, after scouring the internet, I *think* it's a Russian Tortoise, which means it must belong to someone. We posted some signs in the neighborhood. Hopefully, the owner will see the posters and call us, before we get too attached to the little guy/gal. I gave it some shallow water, and it seems to like it. It likes to eat Romaine lettuce a lot, while he/she was on it's walk, he/she nibbled on some tomato leaves and ate our dirt. Good thing everything is organic!
Here's the underside, he/she was staring at me like, "Why are you doing this?" It wasn't flailing though.
"I'm exploring"'s a fast walker, for a tortoise! "I was climbing large river rocks."
"Here's my rear end!"


Anonymous said...

cute turtle! can't believe no one has claimed him/her yet.

are you going to keep him/her if no one does?

AJK said...

The owner called, so now we are tortoise-less... :0(

Anne said...

Aww... well at least you know the home he came from and went back to cares enough to look for it. LOL cronic escaping turtle.. needs lojack or return address attached.
Very lucky tortoise to have been found by you guys!