Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Updates

We just cleared the Watermelons, Musk Melons and Cucumbers off of this bed, with the exception of the Cucumber plant on the far upper left corner. It's a Japanese Cuke. We're saving that one for seed. This bed got an ammendment of compost and a spraying of glacial rockdust milk. We've seeded it with bulb onions for next year. I spaced the seeds pretty close, about 4 inches apart. Pretty tight, according to the package you are supposed to leave 16" gap between the rows. I ignored that part and made it 4" apart on the rows too.
This area had Cabbages and Kale growing during the winter/spring months. We added lots of raw compost and now we're growing our second batch of Curcurbits: Zuccini, Large Jack-o-lantern pumpkins, Bitter Melon, Watermelon and more Japnese Cucumbers.
Close up on the bitter melons
Morning Glories
White Hibiscus
Orange Gerberas
Basil and Gerbera in our Herb Garden

One Day's Harvest

Some days we have more some days are less, this was one of the larger harvests

Friday, August 14, 2009


Homegrown fruit basket (mostly tomatoes...) and the pears are in the fridge & the figs are in the freezer, so there's actually more fruit than this!
tomatoes and strawberries cloning in water
drying basil for the winter months
first decent harvest of carrots

Homemade & Homegrown foods

Fajitas made with homegrown tomatoes & onions, the peppers were from the Farmer's Market since the Pepper weevils devastated our crop
Salsa with homegrown tomatoes, onions and cilantro
Homegrown potatoes, onions, tomatoes(some from friend), and homegrown onions. Peppers were bought.
Canned peaches(gift from a friend's backyard) and our Asian Pears

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Harvest Tally

July 2009 Harvest Tally

Asian Pear 20.30 lbs
Eggplant 08.38 lbs
Figs 08.25 lbs
Japanese Cucumber 07.64 lbs
Tomatoes 05.86 lbs
Orange 05.31 lbs
Watermelon 04.88 lbs
Beans(green+purple) 02.25 lbs
Kale 01.86 lbs
Baby Carrots w/grns 01.75 lbs
Jackbelittle pumpkins 01.50 lbs
Bulb onion 01.13lbs

Petit Gris Musk Mel 22.40 oz
Broccoli 19.80 oz
Strawberries 16.10 oz
Bittermelon 15.00 oz
Kyohou Grapes 11.25 oz
Basil(sweet&purple) 07.00 oz
Peppers 04.50 oz
Stevia 03.50 oz

Pounds tallied: 69.11 lbs
Ounces tallied: 99.55 oz =6.22 lbs

Total: 75.33 lbs