Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garden Updates

Finally finished beds, this year we probably won't be finshing the 6th bed.
Chinese Chives and Green Onions
Kabocha Pumpkins on steroids(tons of almost raw compost, just a few inches below the soil)
Sunchoke foliage
Barely surving Blueberries. I think it needs more acid in the soil. The birds keep stealing the ripend berries too!
The newly transplanted Asian Pear tree is doing well.
Dwarf Cavendish is settling in, in it's new home and finally growing new leaves, and found 4 pups. I took 2 out to let the stronger 2 develop.
Some of the last remaining Loquats

Thursday, May 7, 2009

April Harvest Tally

April 2009 Harvest Tally

Tangerines 41.75 lbs
Loquat 25.5 lbs
Kale 04.06 lbs
Potatoes 03.84 lbs
Broccoli leaf 01.8 lbs
Strawberries 20.2 oz
Carrots 8.5 oz
Chinese chives 8 oz
NZ Spinach 8 oz
Shallot greens 6 oz
Sage, pineapple 5 oz
Wild Strawberry 0.5 oz
Peas 0.5 oz

Pounds tallied: 76.95 lbs
Ounces tallied: 56.7 oz = 3.54 lbs

Total: 80.49 lbs

Harvest Updates

Here's a load of tangerines from the HH house. We still go there to clean up, water and maintain the yard.
I discovered online that you can eat Pineapple Guava petals, so we got carried away and also picked rose petals, loquats and peppermint to see if it will make a good fruit/floral salad. The Guava petals and loquats were great, the mint didn't go so well with it, and the rose petals were hard and bitter! (so we took them out and composted them) looks beautiful tho, lol
Here's some scrambled eggs with Chinese Chives(nira) it's very good if you don't mind the pungent chives.
our first cabbage harvest here in West Covina, 2-1/4 lbs, not bad!
Carrots here are homegrown
Here they are in the fried rice, yum