Friday, May 28, 2010

Update on the Tortoise

My son and his friend made posters to put up all around the neighborhood, ... and after one day, someone did call for the tortoise. The owner said she lost him 2 ~ 3 months ago. Before I showed the tortoise, I asked how large the tortoise was, she gestured that he was only about 4~5 inches long, while the one I found was about 9 inches long. I hope she wasn't scamming me. She did mentioned that she uses a heat-pad for colder days, since I told her the tortoise wasn't eating much that day since it's been cloudy and cold (60's). I hope Mr Tortoise will be happy back at home, and does not run away again because, next time we're keeping him! I'm kind of feeling sad, he was a spunky tortoise.

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Rodney said...

Glad you found the owners. Torts are great animals and have more personality than people give them credit for.