Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garden Updates

Springtime Irises, Cream California Poppies and Calla lilies, surrounding the Asian Pear tree in the back
Pineapple Guava blossoms
we *MAY* have some mangoes this year...hopefully...
below; first of the blackberry blossoms

Garden is currently going a transition from winter crops to summer crops. This angle is looking at the beds from under the Orange tree canopy.  The closest bed had the onions, now I'm waiting to find time to transplant the 2nd set of tomatoes. Middle bed has some Cilantro still growing, and I just transplanted Kabocha pumpkin, corn and pole beans for the "3 sisters" method. The back bed just got cleared of the Garlic and I will plant some fast-growing brassicas, like Radishes and Komatsuna as I wait for the Broccoli to mature.
volunteer Sunflower
salmon colored Alstromeria

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