Monday, February 27, 2012

Garden Updates, Feb 27, 2012

It's been quite a while since I've posted a Garden Update! I apologize for not keeping up on this site. We had a near fiasco with our neighbor BEHIND us sanding down the trim of their house to the bare wood. To make things worse, it was a VERY windy day when the Painter decided to work. We live in a fairly old neighborhood that was built in the late 1950's and I was frantic that the paint dust that was whirling around us and potentially spreading lead all over our veggie beds!!!  I posted what was happening on the RIPE forum and got some suggestions and sympathy. It's great to have support from like-minded folk! So, after worrying about it and having Tim vacuum the first inch of the top soil off (he even bought a brand new shop vac for this). We tested the soil for lead and it was NEGATIVE!!! Praise God! Whew! What a relief!!! I'm still not thrilled about the particles of acrylic paint, but you can only do so much to control your environment in such a confined area such as a city. Oh, how I yearn to have more open land...

So...besides the paint fiasco it is...
In Southern California!
We were blessed with a good amount of rain today.
We'll get a break on Tues and it's supposed to rain some more on Wed.
 And I was just about to announce that spring is here. I took very spring-like pictures below!
 The "Goldmine" nectarine graft has taken!!!
 "Pilgrim" peach also looks just about ready to bloom! Yay!
The others are iffy. Not too sure if they have taken. I think it had to do with how thin I stretched the parafilm to cover the grafts. I didn't have much parafilm since I just bought a strip from the grafting teacher.  The film ended up cracking and therefore the graft became desiccated and withered. :(
 Day Lilies are showing signs of spring.
Did you know they are edible?
 Loquats starting to fatten up. This year, I didn't have the time to thin the fruits, so they probably won't be as large. We did a severe pruning on the tree, so we didn't get as much fruit as the previous years.
 Kumquat just about ready!
 Alstroemeria in the front and Clivia in the back
 Primroses in a pot
Cilantro in a pot in the foreground and Calendula in the background 
 Here I focused on the Calendula and the Valencia oranges in the back. (yes, that's a compost bin hiding behind the orange tree)
 Valencia oranges is about to bloom :)
 A quick snapshot of the late winter garden. The Fig tree looks bare from this pic, but it's already starting to bud! We couldn't believe that it was budding fruits too, this tree is amazing!
 I'm not sure what these flowers are called... but cute, white and whispering, "spring is here"
 Sorry, this is not angled correctly. Nappa cabbage blooming!

Harvest Updates, Feb 27, 2012

Hi everyone! It's been a while and we've been busy! Here are some harvests we managed to take a pic of. Not everything gets photographed lately, as I juggle homeschooling, gardening and freelance work (sometimes all-nighters!)
Here's some lovely Calendula and Lettuce greens
 Below are some nice sized Spinach greens in a large bowl. (Note: the tile size is 6")
 More lettuces being dried after washing.
 Our very first Haas Avocado!!! Nestled among gifted grapefruits and mandarins from the neighbor.
 More Spinach
 Now this is New Zealand Spinach below.
 Spinach, again...
 and the very last harvest of Mikans for the season. We plan to wash them and freeze them (whole) for a summer treat)
 Bok Choy greens
 A myriad of greens. Upper left, small bowl: Amaranth sprouts, upper left, small bowl, NZ spinach sprouts and 2 strawberries, lower right, small bowl with Shiso sprouts. In between the bowls are green onion sprig, edible iceplant, and Shungiku. The larger collander contains broccoli florets and greens.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Harvest Updates, Feb 7, 2012

Sorry for all the delayed post. I haven't solved the problem completely, but for now I am by-passing Picasa and uploading the photos directly to Blogger. It's working for now, until I get the time & courage to tackle the steps 1916home has instructed me!
Currently, we are nearing the end of the broccolis, at the end of mandarin season and have pretty much picked the oranges clean. (Yes, sold many and gave many away!)
 Breakfast oranges
 Madarins(mikan) and Navel Oranges. This batch, we bartered for 16 oz of Local Olive Oil, 16 oz of Organic Papua New Guinea Coffee, 1 packet of Strawberry Spinach seeds, and 12 oz of Local Organic, unheated honey. Not bad, eh?
 These had mealy bug belly buttons, so we washed them clean and gave them to Tim's co-workers
 Romaine and Purple leaf Lettucs
 Broccoli greens and little florets. We had a LOT more, but we just didn't take pictures
 Oranges, our Last Guava and a bit of strawberries
 Carrots gifted by a good friend, we crop swap what we have. Thanks L!
 This is a 6 inch plate with a very large Edible Iceplant leaf. 
We were surprised that the leaf has a salty taste!
 Daikon Radishes
 Green Onions

Yes! We Sold Our Produce!

I told you earlier that we were hoping to sell some of our oranges at the private market. Well, we did! We did pretty well too! We sold some NZ Spinach and Broccoli Greens as well.

These are the good oranges that we sold. At the end of the day, we had about 6 left.

Here's the oranges that had mealy bugs on the navel, we washed those really well and gave them to friends. (Lori checking thigns out behind the gate.)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Apparently, I have reached the Maximum Photo Upload Space

Soooo, it's been a while since I've uploaded some Harvest updates! I wanted to, but Blogger and Picasa say I've reached my upload limit!!! They want me to pay for more storage space, yikes! What would you do? Start deleting old posts? Or pay up?