Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sneak Peak at a new Project

"Now, what are they up to???" Lori, the kitty is checking out the new "thing" that came home to the backyard today. It's our new project,...along a huge line of other projects...hehe! Can you believe we got this sink for FREE? Yes, Freecycle is AWESOME! A Quizno's nearby was going out of business and they were getting rid of everything!  This thing is listed starting at $590 if you buy it new. Getting this home was quite an adventure for T too! We have a Honda CR-V, it's not a very big SUV, and T told me he almost lost it (like fall out of the car) on the way home because, he had to drive with the back hatch open! We want to install this in the back,(someplace obscure) to wash the veggies and fruits, and use the grey-water for the garden's fruit trees and lawn. 
Harvest for the day, New Zealand Spinach(2.5 lbs), Loquats(4.5 lbs), Strawberries (6 oz) and "Seri"(Japanese Parsley) Botanical Name/ Family : Oenanthe stolonifera/Apiaceae(Umbelliferae). This has a very distinct aroma, some people will think it smells medicial. I plan on using it for "ohitashi", simple blanching, then put shaved bonito flakes and soy sauce as a side dish.

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