Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garden Updates

Just finished harvesting all the Garlic!
Stinky, pungent goodness! We have to dry this first. It'll dry in the Garage, but first, I've got to learn how to braid Garlic!
This bed had the Lettuces growing in them during winter. You can see one Red Leaf lettuce in the far left corner, I'm saving seed for that one. I just transplanted Zucchini, Cucumbers and Spagetti Squash here. The Butternut Squash seeds never germinated, I guess they were too old. I think I got them as a trade, bummer...

Below was the onion bed. The second bed of Tomatoes will be going in here. I hope they do well here, maybe the beneficial nematodes will help us reduce the root knot nematode population.

This bed was growing Peas in the Winter, towards the back are cilantro in 2 different stages, I planted Kabocha Pumpkins here with Pole Beans and Corn also.


Anne said...

The butternut squash may still have some hope.. soak them. For a day or two soak them in some water. It will help soften the seed coat and help them germinate. If the seed is particularly old adding a tiny tiny bit of mild liquid fertilizer (like from kelp, the fish emulsion is great stuff but boy oh boy does it reek.) When/if you get earthworms the vc is great at this trick. It had gibberellins in it too (natural plant hormone that helps regulate plant growth, one of those things are breaking dormancy). That's why everything sprouts in a worm bin. Even thin potato peelings take off, carrot top trimmings sprout, etc.
The raspberries...I hope it works for you! Some need a cold treatment, which I am hoping any refridgeration already covered!

AJK said...

thanks Anne, I dug up the seeds, some were rotten, and a few were still good, so I'll wait and see. I did put some VM on them. Hopefully, it will do the trick. You are like an encyclopedia of knowledge, you ROCK!