Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden Updates

This tomato is growing in a 15 gal pot with lots of homemade compost. So far, so good!
The veggie garden, looking from the south-east part of the garden. Foreground beds have Tomatoes  on the right, Cilantro flowering(coriander) and behind the Cilantro are the 3 sisters; corn, pumpkin and pole beans. So far, the pole beans are losing, in the battle for sun.
The "pond" area Tomatoes, onions and garlic chives seem to be loving this place.
Zucchini, Watermelon, Cucumbers, Pole beans, Corn and Amaranth(which is losing ground for sun)
A month ago, it looked like this
Our blessed Fig Tree, I don't know how other figs grow, but this thing is prolific. On just one branch, you can see a cluster of 6 ~ 10 fruits in various stages!
I'm trying to grow pumpkin in the compost, we'll see if it works. The soil in there keeps sinking as the compost is broken down by the worms and bacteria, so the pumpkin plant is sinking too.
Here's the Summer Daikon, Broccoli, Bok Choi, Yu Choi and Radishes. This is where the Garlic and Cilantro were growing.
Peach tree I named "Alauria" and behind her is "Bridgett" the Fig tree. 
The Asian Pear Tree very sick this year. It's shoots just wilt over night. Is it verticillium wilt?
This is our messy side of the back yard, it's over-grown with thornless black berry, and some self-starting peas. The peas decided they wanted to grow where they were composted. (After we dug a huge hole to compost some large bulky branches and coarse leaves, we piled on the dead pea plants and filled it with soil. Rainy season allowed the peas to sprout and here they are producing a crop. 
Dwarf Cavendish, I'm starting to run out of patience for this one... it hasn't produced any flowers YET!
This is supposed to be Rhubarb, but the stem is not red. Do you think it is? We received this as a gift.
New Zealand Spinach is VERY easy to grow here. It self-seeds it's self every year, this one found a nice shady spot, and it's leaves are very tender.
Kyohou Grapes getting bigger!
Green Table Grapes are growing too
Blackberries trained onto our chainlink by the pineapple guava tree and chrysanthemums


Mac n' Janet said...

I think I'm suffering from garden envy.

pdxlisa said...

Lovely photos. Looking at your garden is like a sneak preview of delights to come. Thanks for sharing the bounty.

Cheryl said...

Your garden is beautiful (and prolific). The Kyohou grapes, are they growing in a container? How old is the plant? I bought a grape vine this year and I'm going to keep it in a container as long as I can.

AJK said...

Thanks Mac n' Janet, pdxlisa and Cheryl for dropping by! @ Cheryl; yes both the Green Table Grapes and Kyohou grapes are being grown in 15 gallon pots for now. They produced a modest crop, we bought the plants about 2 years ago. We're keeping them temporarily in the pots until my hubby finishes the Trellis to support them.