Thursday, May 6, 2010

Homegrown Meals

HG carrots, HG onions, HG Red potatoes, HG garlic went into this soup. The organic chicken broth was cooked in the SunOven for 2 days! Farmer's Market(FM) celery, FM cabbage, sea salt and pepper also in the ingredients. Simple but filling
Organic Potato Salad with HG onion, HG carrots, organic peas, Vegenaise, organic mustard and Brown Rice pasta.
Meatloaf, individual sizes. T helped me make the patties and he made a heart shaped one too. HG carrots, HG onions, home-made gluten free bread crumbs also included.
This is Okonomiyaki, it's a Japanese "pancake" with lots of veggies and ground meat. This is made with HG New Zealand spinach, HG seri(Japanese Parsley), HG green onions, FM Cabbage, gGround turkey, bonito flakes, dried shrimp and sea salt.  We drizzle on some Tonkatsu sauce and sprinkle some "aosa" (aromatic, green flaky seaweed)

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