Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today's Harvest

The heat wave seems to have accelerated the figs & tomatoes ripening. However, the Tomato's blossoms seemed fail to set new fruit because of the high temps. The Eggplants are suffering from infestations flea beetles and tiny spider mites.
Sweet Basil
This watermelon decided to harvest it's self today by falling off the vine. I'm glad it didn't crack! I am very pleased with this variety of watermelon. It never succumbed to any of the powdery mildew even though the watermelons were right next to the Petit Gris Melons covered in the powdery mildew.
Update on the Petit Gris Melon: The 1st melon smelled wonderful, but the flavor was rather bland. I think it has to do with how the leaves which suffered too much from the powdery mildew attack. Leaves are the plants solar panels that convert light into useable energy as sugars. Since majority of the leaves were damaged, the plant didn't have much to work with and couldn't send any sugars to feed the melon. I hope the watermelon is as good as it looks. It certainly sounded good, a hollow sounding tapping is supposed to be a good sign.

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