Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Garden Updates

It's really hot now that we rolled into July. Temps are in the 100+ these few days, and the plants are struggling too. The first set of cucumbers are almost tired out. This evening I transplanted a few more cuke and thai Catchai watermelon plants for the next round. I picked a Petit Gris melon that looked more pale than the rest. The vine is ravaged by powdery mildew and lost most of it's vigor. The aroma was very nice, but the taste was bland. I had sown carrot seeds a few weeks ago, but most of them failed to sprout because of the heat.
Tomatoes that were transplanted a few weeks ago are doing so-so. Tiny sprouts of Komatsuna are growing around the tomatoes until they get overshadowed.
Bushbean seedlings and some kale in the middle
Zucchini seedlings. We thinned down to 2 plants already
"wild" Rugen Alpine Strawberry growing in half-shade.
Cilantro slowing down with the heat. I've read that as soon as the root temps read 75 degrees F, the plant starts flower buds to set seed.
Japanese Cucumber doing nicely except for the tunneling worms in the leaves invading
Petit Gris Melon

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