Friday, July 24, 2009

Evil Pepper Weevils

Pepper Weevil: Anthonomus eugenii Cano, decided my peppers are delectable and eat most of them. I've never had problems with Pepper Weevils until this year. Maybe my Farmer's Market Peppers had some in there and I unknowingly composted them?(photo is not my own)
First inspection, the plants I had grown from seed look very healthy. But if you look carefully, the new leaves and blossoms are full of tiny holes. I hunted them down and squished each bug. I opened up all the infested peppers and killed the larvae too. Hopefully that should do the trick. I keep chekcing every morning to see if there are any new weevils. So far after day 3 of extermination, I haven't seen any new ones....yet.

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