Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harvest Updates

Lame little broccoli head. Ours never turns out looking anything close to the market ones. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
One day's worth of harvest(the onions were technically harvested earlier to dry tho)
Carrots that finally look like carrots and not gnarly gnomes! Still small though.

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pelenaka said...

I too have wondered about this. When I asked a broccoli grower last year @ the farmer's market he casually remarked -commerical grade fertilizer. So there ya have it straight from the horses mouth.
Still hasn't stopped me from trying . This year I grew broccoli from seed Golith variety just like the growers grow. I'm brewing a tonic of sorts - rain water seeped with egg shells, ground banana peels, & a dash of episome salts. Soil was fertilized with bunny poop & wood ash prior to planting.

Janice, there is one very big difference from theirs & ours - ours even though ting is soo tender.