Friday, July 24, 2009

Dinner Last Night

Last night's dinner was Mabo Tofu with Peppers and Eggplant. Some of the peppers(ones that were not eaten by the pepper weevil) made it into our dish. The eggplants are all homegrown. I don't really have a recipe readily, since I do everything by memory and taste, but here's the ingredients list:
Toasted sesame seed oil
Potato starch to thicken broth
Ground Turkey(optional)
Chicken broth(optional)


Brandon said...

ok, i think it's time Thy and I to come over have dinner with you guys. Cause it's been like a week already right? hehe. These veggies and fruits look really good. I'm hungry

AJK said...

Hi Brandon, wow look at that Pic of you! You look like a science experiment gone wrong and blew up in your face! hehe. Thanks for checking up on my blog. You guys s hould come over!