Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garden Updates

After the Kabocha Pumpkins came out, we tilled in some clay into this sandy soil. This area was originally a pond, and soil had been bought to fill it in. Unfortunately, it was mostly composed of decomposed vegetation and sand, so when all the vegetation was eaten up by the plants, it was just sand. Sand is easy to dig, but it retains no moisture or nutrients for a long time. So we got a few buckets of the clay from the Hacienda Hts house to ammend the soil a bit. We had buried tons of vegetation in this area, so I dug it up from about 3~4' deep to mix it up on the surface a bit more. After that I finally planted the herb garden mixed with some gerbera daisies. These herbs were potbound since we moved from the HH house so I'm sure this new home will be welcome for their roots. I planted Sage, Thyme, Basil, Lavender & Stevia.
Sorry this is blurry, I took it when it was about to be dark, I'm surprised the color is so vibrant though. This is the carrot and onion bed. I've been staggering the plantings of the carrots at about 3 weeks.
Here are the peppers I grew from seed
Potatoes were harvested, and now the beans are popping up on the side of the kale...yes we're trying to grow kale in summer, nuts? perhaps.
thinned out baby carrots

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