Thursday, April 7, 2011

Preserving and Meals

OK, so I wasn't the only one that was experiencing the pics not showing up.  It's a glitch between Picasa's "Blog This" and Blogger.  I figured out a work-around, although it's more tedious.

Here, I'm starting a batch of strawberry jam, the colors are sooo vibrant!
Here's a batch for one day
Dinner: It's taco night! Homegrown cilantro in the guacamole and garnishing the ground turkey, lettuce on the side and homegrown canned tomatoes in the ground turkey. The guacamole is made from gifted local avocados. Dessert; , strawberries... Yummy!

A lovely after-school snack: Fresh Strawberries and canned Loquats on home-made soy-yogurt.

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Eric Hutchison said...

Might want to check your images. None are appearing.

Can you recommend some good books for the beginning gardener?