Monday, April 25, 2011

Harvest Updates

Garlic Chives are extremely hardy and productive. (But very pungent!)
 Strawberries, Carrots, NZ Spinach and Komatsuna greens
Carrot Bouquet!
More Carrots and Strawberries


BLD in MT said...

Awww....there is that happy child with carrots again! It makes me so happy to see young people excited about veggies and gardening.

AJK said...

Thanks for stopping by BLD, yes our son LOVES carrots. He says his first memory of eating a carrot is straight from the ground. He says that's why they are his favorite. He says he loves the garden because he can walk around and eat snacks, or climb a tree and eat some fruit. I told him, that's our goal, is to be able to outside and enjoy browsing on whatever's growing. ;-)