Thursday, April 7, 2011

Harvest Updates

We are feeling the strawberry bliss right now! Making jam with the yummy berries.

 The carrots are starting to look pretty good!
 Lots of cilantro
 Each day brings more of these red beauties
 Rosemary needed a trim, so now we will dry these for later use
 More berries, carrots and a bit of lettuce. Oh! And our first Loquat of the season. Normally they ripen around May, but this year it's earlier.
 New Zealand Spinach being sauteed for my breakfast with eggs
 More thinned carrots
 The navel oranges are really tapering off
 Nira (garlic chives)
 Morning harvest of carrots, cilantro, lettuce and strawberries
a good basket of Loquats (biwa) and backyard strawberries too
These are the front yard strawberries, we have to pic them less ripe because we have to compete with the squirrels and slugs. The backyard ones are protected from squirrels by our cat Lori, and they are in containers and most of the berries hang over the lip of the pot so the slugs have a harder time getting to them.

More Carrots, I think we've got about 5lbs just with the thinned carrots now. All we have to do is wait for the final carrot bed to mature and fatten up. Next in line after the carrots will be Chinese Yard Long Beans.  I'm thinking of starting the seeds directly into the carrot bed already.  I wonder if that will be a good idea. We're always experimenting with different ideas to see what works and what doesn't.  Since we only have 7 raised beds, often-times we want to grow much more than we have room for.
Green onions

Kumquats and Strawberries. We don't take pics of the kumquats much for harvest, since we often take a break and snack on them while we're outside working the garden, so they don't make it directly to the table very much.

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