Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lucky Hummy

This lil hummingbird was a lucky one. He/she was caught by Lori our cat about 2 months ago.  Fortunately, I was there when it just happened and I was able to get Lori to stop gnawing on the poor thing.  The bird lost most of it's tail feathers and was in quite a shock and couldn't fly. It didn't look like it had any internal damage.  So, I made a temporary rest stop in a bucket with a soft cloth until he/she was ready to fly off. I also made some nectar with organic sugar and some water and fed it some.  After about 20 minutes he/she was ready to fly so we let it go.
I almost forgot to post this but was looking through the pics on my computer and found it.

Below is our son's rendition of "Humiy" as a memento of the occasion. Just the other day, a hummingbird came so close as I was watering the garden in the morning. It hovered right in from of the water spraying out of my garden hose. Then about a foot away from me, it landed on the wet stone and started bathing! I soooo wish I had a camera then.  It was so adorable. I also wondered if it was the same bird we rescued about 2 months ago.

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