Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Updates April 25, New Vine Trellis and New Bed!

This is one of the few figs that over-wintered.
The other new figs look like this still.
Edible Chrysanthemums are cute as well as yummy. There's my son in the background pulling carrots

Guess what!? Tim dug a new bed just in time for the tomatoes! We double dig the beds and amend with LOTS of compost so it's not simply fitting in the wood framework.
Blackberries with a lot of flower buds. Yes, there's a huge hole on the right side. Tim was digging out last year's compost that he buried
Looking at the Loquat tree from under it's canopy
Here's the new Vine Trellis. Nothing fancy. We just needed something quick for our Chayote, Ground Nut vines, Passion Fruit vine and Chinese yam vines.
The Myoga is doing well
The neglected half of the garden where it's mostly ornamentals.
A view from under the Loquat tree
Swiss Chard planted, now that the lettuce is almost done.
Lupini beans are barely hanging on as they are masticated each night by the slugs!
This isn't the peach tree in the front yard. This one is a volunteer peach that came up in a 15 gallon pot that is practically ignored on the North-East side of the house. It seems hardier than the one we planted in the front. Mom says keep it and wait to see which tree will bear a better tasting fruit. 
Zuke blossom!
Onto the next bed~! Weekend Warrior Tim started diggin' up more dirt!

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