Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garden Updates

So here is our front yard now this spring, I guess I should have taken the photo later in the day when the shadows aren't there. Starting from the left, our new Haas Avocado tree, next is the Akane Apple Tree, crossing over to the right side of the walkway is the Fuji Apple Tree, behind it is the Satsuma Mandarin, and kind of cut off the Persimmon Tree on the far right, sorry. You can see how the house looked about the same time LAST YEAR
Close up on the Akane Apple Tree and round bed, in the back left is the Haas
Here's the Haas! Welcome to our home little tree!
Loquats are starting to ripen in the backyard


Beccy said...

You have totally motivated me. Today I went and got my very beginnings of my vege patch. So far is consisits of a big planter box, rocket, spinach, and boc choy seads, and a strawberry and raspberry plant.

Love the pics!

Anne said...


Love the interplanting of crops and flowers. Never would have thought of that combination with strawberries, but you made them look not just functional, but reminded that they are actually pretty.

Side note, don't forget the Arbor Day Foundation. If you have the time to grow them, they do offer seedlings of various trees and shrubs. They offer 10 free seedlings with a membership and with the membership discounts on additional trees/ shrubs.

AJK said...

Thanks Anne! I really like making the edibles look beautiful as well as functional. I like the element of surprise, that most people don't notice the strawberries unless I point it out to them. I want to incorporate that idea to the front yard, especially since everyone has to look at it (neighbors). We are trying to do some of that in the backyard too, but raised beds to make it harder to be creative.

Thanks for the Arbor Day offer info too!

AJK said...

Thank Beccy for dropping by! I'm so happy you are excited about a new little veggie patch adventure. The best thing to do is to start small, and once you get good at doing it small, and if you enjoy it, then you can add more to your garden! My Mom and I joke that we seriously have an "obsessive disease" about growing things. She or I will pick up a sprig of plant while walking and grow it into a full-grown plant, just because we wanted to see it grow up.