Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The New "Stead"

This is the front of the house before we cut the Pepper Tree down, it's pretty, but the tree was growing really fast.
I planted a little boy!
Preparing the bed for the apple trees

This is after we cut it down...it looks sad, very sad right now.

Here's the front yard with the Pepper tree stump, and the newly planted tiny Apple Trees.

Here's the backyard from one end of the yard.The white bare branches are the fig tree's. Behind it is the Navel Orange

Here it is from the other side. There used to be a pond where the rocks surround a patch of dirt. We are planning to plant pumpkins and summer squashes here.

Asian Pear Trees and Loquat Tree

Here's some Potato Plants growing

Kumquat tree

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