Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home grown meals

HG Carrots and Kale in the Chicken Veggie Soup, HG Lettuce and Farmer's Market(FM) Tomatoes, Cukes and Eggs for the huge dinner Salad. We really have lame plates and bowls...
Gluten and Dairy free pizza from scratch. HG onions and Oregano


Anne said...

I swear I shouldn't be allowed to look at your blog on an empty stomach! It sends me running to the fridge only to be disappointed lol.

The plates and bowls are fine, soft colors, interesting shapes, they don't compete with the beauty of the meal you created.

IMO, while red can make a stunning color for a table setting, it is one of those colors that can make food look less appetizing.

After all of your work, you want people to see what you created, not stare at what it is served on. A mission you definately accomplish.

Keep up the wonderful work! Maybe one day you would share a miso soup recipe? (I can hope!)

AJK said...

Hi Anne, Thank you for the wonderfully encouraging words! You made me chuckle about running to the fridge! :-D I will post a miso soup recipe in honor of your request soon, but you know, I learned how to cook from my Mom, who doesn't keep a cookbook, she is the "a dash of this, a handful of that" kind of cook! I'll try to translate that into something everyone can follow and successfully recreate. Wish me luck!