Friday, April 23, 2010

Garden Updates

Sorry this post's pictures were not visible! I guess I had technical difficulties!

Cilantro and Garlic
View of the Veggie Beds
Tomato Seedlings have taken off and are almost ready to transplant to the beds, on the side note, I planted the peppers and eggplant at the same time, they took longer to sprout and they are still very small, does anyone know why this is? They were given the same conditions and soil.
The Cucurbits are coming up!
Goldfish? Yes, we have a bucket that collects the drip water from the hose (yes we need to fix the leak) but in the mean-time I'm trying to save the water to be used for the plants instead of letting the water just soak the ground...but when you have still water, you get Mosquitos! So, we took a few goldfish from our indoor aquarium and let them swim around for a day, gobbling up all the larvae! The goldfish had a great vacation, away from the rest of the competing bigger goldfish.

Cilantro seedlings
Chinese Lettuce (Yu Mai Kai) Seed heads developing
Romain Lettuce, glowing from morning sunlight


Anne said...

Eggplant and peppers (peppers in particular) seem to need the heat to get going. Peppers can be overwintered in pots if you are looking for a jump start. They are perennial in areas without freezes. I overwinter mine because otherwise I would only get 2 per plant each season.
Mosquito larvae are great fish food! I used to feed my bettas and comets tons of it. If you get too much to get rid of, try using a cheap gauze from the fabric store to cover the containers. Water goes in, but twigs, leaves, mosquitoes are kept out. (If your goldfish eat too much, they can get a bit... well, blocked up. To avoid those issues, offer them a cooked skinned pea every now and then. That would be the organic goldfish exlax. lol)

AJK said...

Thanks Anne for all the great tips and info! There's always so much to learn! I love the organic exlax! LOL!