Monday, April 12, 2010

Harvest Updates

Red Potatoes, remember the tiny potatoes I planted? They sprouted, and although the leaves of the plant kept getting eaten by bugs, they produced a small harvest for us to enjoy.

Lettuce still coming in strong!

Chinese Chives (nira) I had just picked to be used for our family version of Mabo Tofu recipe

Daily Strawberries
Last of the Navel Oranges picked...17 lbs!
First of our Loquat season...we'll soon be drowning in fruit. Gotta find Loquat recipes!


Anne said...

I never thought much of homegrown potatoes until I grew them because I found a forgotten 1/2 bag in the garage that had sprouted like mad. Not suggested as commercially grown potatoes are usually sporting some viruses. I harvested about 40 pounds from them. WOW, were they a treat! So creamy it was unreal. Now they are a staple as the family insists on them.
Speaking of potatoes, I better head out and plant the blue ones my daughter begged and pleaded her Dad to buy.

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. By the way, I know so many people in our area grow loquats but what do they taste like?


AJK said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by! Loquats have the texture of peaches, but without the peach aroma. It has a slightly floral smell to it in my opinion. It's unique that's for sure. It's definitely something to try at least once. Very ripe Loquats are very sweet. I've heard you can dehydrate them to be eaten like dried apricot....maybe I'll try that this year