Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Homegrown Meals

I've been slacking on taking pictures of our meals, even though we do cook with LOTS of homegrown veggies. That's because I work all day away from home, and I share cooking responsibilities with 3 other adults now. (My hubby, my mom and my brother who resides with us now)
Here's the first batch of sun-dried cherry tomatoes!


Katie said...

Sun dried cherry tomatoes never lasted very long in my house - they're like candy!

Mr. H. said...

Your soup looks delicious and the garden photos from last week are truly amazing. I love that you can and do grow such a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables. I am looking forward to drying some of our own tomatoes, soon I hope, as we recently ran out of the ones from last year.

AJK said...

@ Katie, we love them too! Fresh cherry toms are good but, sun dried is awesome! I'll be doing another batch soon.

@ Mr H., Thanks! How much acreage do you have? I wish I had more land! We have less than 1/5th of an acre to work with. The front yard is next. We're putting in a grape trellis where we can enjoy tea or have a meal. We'll be putting in beds in a newly expanded (formerly concrete) 20'x 20' area. Can't wait to grow more variety! Of course the soil won't be that great for a few years where we just opened it but, gotta start somewhere. That's great that your last year's harvest has lasted you until now, that is awesome and inspiring!

Thank you both of you for stopping by! It's encouraging to see your messages!

AJK said...
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