Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Harvest Updates

Sat, July 24
We're sun drying our cherry tomatoes, as 6 plants are waaay to many for one family to consume at once
Kabocha pumpkins were picked on Saturday too
Mon, July 26
I gave the Cucumbers a good dose of fresh compost, and it seemed to help them develop new fruits.  It's time for more pickes!
With Tomatoes coming in pretty steadily, I'm going to be making a batch of tomato sauce every weekend.
Tues, July 27
Our first edible apple of the season on the bottom;
I was trying to smell the fruit to see if it was ready and it fell off. It's still quite tart but, not as tart as a green apple
Wed, July 28
Figs are really starting to come in now! We freeze the figs, and gradually use them throughout the winter in our yogurt. We also make jam out of it and freeze it. We'll use the jam in breads/muffins. My mom had my son pick cherry tomatoes today while I was at work but, they didn't take pictures, nor did she weigh them before they ate most of it!

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