Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden Updates

Strawberries producing lots of runners
the White Guavas are starting to grow
It's a jungle out there!
our Hibiscus
our Herb Garden: Basil, Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Amaranth, Perilla, and in the back are the Cherry Tomatoes gone wild
Sad news.....No, this is not the Primerica umbrella...we had to cut our asian pear tree down to this stump because the tree was overwhelmed with fire blight. We don't know if it will survive this but, we will keep it until next spring, hoping it will re-sprout from the top. It has been trying to re-sprout from the base of the tree but, we don't want that since it is a grafted root-stock, which is not a fruiting pear.
The Cherry Tomatoes up close!
Happy Paprika Peppers
These are "myoga" under the white guava tree. They are related to ginger but, can withstand snow. Japanese people eat the flower buds in broths. The buds have very distinct aromas that the Japanese esteem. Here's a good link to another blog describing it's uses
Blackberry bramble taking over the side of the house
Honey bees LOVE Blue Basil that we got from our bee-keeping friend, David.
Fava beans that I planted from some Farmer's Market beans. They are growing in the shade

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Mr. H. said...

Too bad about your pear tree, we had the same problem with two of our Asian pears last is doing good this year and the other did not make it.

Nice peppers! We are growing a Paprika variety for the first time this year and it is nice to see how yours look. Everything looks to be growing really well for you.:)