Sunday, July 18, 2010

Homegrown Meals

HG Carrots roasted, blanchedHG Green Beans, HG Tomatoes roasted, Sauteed Farmer's Market onion, HG peppers and HG Zucchini with Pan Fried Coho Salmon, and organic white rice.
Spaghetti sauce with Homegrown Tomatoes, Garlic, Paprika Peppers. It also has canned organic tomato paste, organic chicken sausages, and Farmer's Market onions. It was yummy!
Japanese style Spinach; "Gomae", made with HG (homegrown) New Zealand Spinach, gluten-free soy sauce, ground sesame seeds and agave nectar
Blanched Green Beans, ready to put some away for freezing.
Daikon Radish Leaves, these will be blanched then pan dried, and soysauce, sesame and shirasu (baby anchovies) will be added to make Furikake(a condiment for rice we Japanese love to sprinkle on hot steaming rice!) Daikon has lots of Calcium
Dill Pickles hot packed for storing away into the pantry

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