Saturday, July 24, 2010

Harvest Updates

Mon., July 19:
Lots of Tomatoes are coming in and figs are starting to ripen! Tomato sauce here we come!
Tues., July 20:
Kabocha Pumpkins were picked but, the flavor was bland. Perhaps we didn't wait long enough for them to ripen. Yes, they are green, not orange. They never turn orange, yellow or red.
Wed., July 21:
Kyohou grapes are ripening little-by-little instead of the whole cluster ripening at once. I wonder why...

I forgot to take pictures of July 22, sorry!
Fri., July 23:
Beans and Cukes are declining in production. I started seed for a second round of Cukes and bush bean seedlings are in the bed that the Daikons were growing. 


Mr. H. said...

It all looks so good and those fabulous figs are amazing. You have to keep in mind that there is no such thing as fresh figs where I live. It looks as though you have been eating very well of late.:)

Anne said...

Possible they were just well watered.. which can make many types of produce seem bland. Storage often develops the flavor of many squash types too. :)

AJK said...

Thanks Mr. H and Anne for stopping by! I'm sorry there's no such thing as fresh figs in North Idaho, Mr H.

Anne, you're probably right about the well watered part! I'll let them sit a while to see if they will improve in flavor with a little age.