Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harvest Updates & Home Grown Meals

Sat, June 27:
Daikon Radish, Cucumbers, Pineapple Basil, Garlic, Strawberries,
Grapes, one Green Bean, one Raspberry and Shiso leaves.

Fried rice with HG carrots, baby pumpkin and garlic. Other veggies include Farmer's Market onion and celery, organic turkey bacon and organic Jasmine rice.
Japanese "Shiozuke" (soaked in salt) pickles fermenting with HG Carrots, HG Cucumbers, HG Daikon HG Radish, and HG Garlic


flask said...

janice, i don't know who-all reads this thing, but i wandered in a while ago by accident and i have been watching with interest what comes out of your beautiful garden and what delicious things go on your table.

you're inspiring me to do better with my food, which is really good because i'm recovering from a period of illness and mourning in which i ate nothing but cold cereal for the first year.

i progressed from there to eating packaged foods i could warm up in the microwave and have only recently graduated to things i cook.

small steps, eh?

AJK said...

flask, thank you for coming by and for taking time to leave a note. I really appreciate it. I know what you mean by illness and mourning. In 1997 we had a suicide in the family and we could hardly swallow anything down our throats for months afterwards. We ended up eating out about 90% of the time because, no one had the strength to make the meals. Everything was processed or ready made. That lead to high blood pressure, overall lethargy, just feeling unwell etc.

I am honored to be a small inspiration to you. Small baby steps is better than no baby steps!