Friday, June 18, 2010

Morning Harvest and healthy snacks

New Zealand Spinach, Squash blossoms, cucmbers, strawberries, baby pumpkin that didn't fertilize, and our very first blackberry of the season!
Snacks for work... oh I didn't tell you, I started working full-time away from home. I'm a Color Stylist for FOX Studio's "The Cleveland Show".  I like it there, the only things I don't like about it is the time spent away from my family and the garden.  Why did I start, you say? I want to save up some money so that I can purchase the solar panels, and eventually invest in some land. We were living within our means with one income and some freelance work but, it didn't allow for us to save enough to make the big purchases.  Our son's severe allergies to certain foods and chemical sensitivities means he will need to grow his own food to guarantee organic. Someday, he might need all the land to grow everything he needs, and I want to provide that for him.

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