Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Harvest Updates

32.6 pounds of carrots!
Here they are all washed up and ready for storage in the fridge. Hope they last us a while.
strawberries, peas, zucchini blossoms, and shiso leaves
another morning, all Rugen Alpine strawberries, it was delish in the homemade yogurt(soy)
Here's the Garlic that I braided! (well the ones that looked good enough. The ugly ones got peeled, skinned and placed in the freezer.)


Steve said...

Great blog! I stumbled onto it and we're moving to Redlands a few miles east of you next month and hope to start a urban homestead too. Maybe we can exchange emails and I could get some pointers on starting out?

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Nice harvest.......tell me, what do you do with the zucchinni blossoms? and those shisu leaves (sp)

lisarenata said...

Hi! First time visiting. Lucia told me about your garden. Wow! We have also been growing veggies and fruit for a while, but I'm in the East Coast. Your garden is doing beautiful. Isn't it nice to make a meal out of what you harvested? I love it.

AJK said...

Thanks Steve! I'll get back to you about the e-mail.

Louise, you can eat zucchini/pumpkin blossoms, just be careful not to eat the pollen, some people are sensitive to it. In some uppity restaurants, zucchini flowers with the baby zucchini are fried with batter as an appetizer. You can eat them fresh in a salad too.

Lisarenata, thanks for visiting! That's great that you're growing your own! Keep up the great work! I love getting fresh greens to cook with, it's so yummy. Can't find fresh food with any flavor in the markets