Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homegrown meals

Strawberries in yogurt(coconut milk)
Stir-fry with HG Zukesm Carrots, Green Beans and store-bought organic bean sprouts and organic beef sausages cut into strips
Salad for dinner made from: HG Tomatoes, Cukes and Sunchokes and Farmer's Market Lettuce. Our Lettuces are still a bit too small to harvest.
Another stir-fry dish; HG Carrots, Garlic Chives, Green Beans, Zukes and Sunchokes. Store-bought organic bean sprouts and gluten-free soy sauce.

Making some Fig Jam w/ last year's frozen figs, to make room for this year's harvest. The 1st pic is of the frozen figs I thawed partially in water to peel off the skins, then cut them up in the pot. The 2nd pic is the jam in progress. Cooking it until the liquid evaporates enough to make a thick jam.

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