Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Updates

Tada!!! Finally, the new bed is finished. The peppers were *supposed* to go here, but we put those in the ground already where the potatoes were(had to dig the taters out early grrrr) .... So, I'm thinking Kidney Beans and Corn here!

Here's the Chard, Bush Beans and Lupini bean bed

Here's the Chard and the Royal Purple Bush Beans up close
The large tree is the Loquat tree. This is the "Before" pic.
I'm doing some major pruning to it right now.

Here it is in mid-progress. Why am I cutting it so severely? These trees grow extremely fast. When one branch grows, it extends about 2' and each year there are about 3 growth spurts. So, in one season, this tree can easily grow 6'!!!
The Tomato that never quits. This Tomato grew on it's own in the middle of winter and survived to produce hundreds of bite sized sweet tomatoes. Each fruit is about 2" long and a brownish color. Not pretty but very tasty.
Here's our Brown Turkey figs, I'm always amazed at this tree. It's only about 7' tall and it always grows 7 or 8 clusters of figs on each branch.
Little Kabocha Pumpkin from a volunteer plant
Navel oranges are the size of a golfball now

Kyohou grapes are fattening up!
We bought a Patio table and chair set at a yard sale for $65.
We just need to reupholster the seats and they'd be good as new!
Here are the chairs... we want to place the set under the Grape Trellis
in the front garden once we put the fence around our property.
Hi Lori!
Here's the back side area, the giant hole is still there by the Blackberry bramble waiting to be filled
Blackberries in progress... can't wait for dark, sweet, tartness
It's hard to tell, but I planted Sweet Potato slips where the Celery had been growing.  Guess how I obtained these slips? It's kind of a gamble, but I purchased them at the Farmer's Market.  They were selling them as greens to sautée
The left vine is Passion Fruit, The middle lower part is Chayote and Morning glory.  I've got to move fast and plant the Ground Nuts and Chinese Yam (Nagaimo) as well!
This is under the Fig tree. Can you see the yellow 4 o'clock? Look in the foreground and you can see a stick with writing on it. That's where I direct seeded the Comfrey
Here is where the "Salada Musume" Burdock seeds were planted
Eggplants and Bell Peppers growing steadily
Tree Kale thinking happy thoughts
It's starting to look like a jungle! In the foreground are the
Zukes, Cukes, Pumpkin, Lettuce and Green Shiso

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