Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Homegrown Meals

Here's what I've managed to capture this week. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the homemade pizza. Although I don't think the pizza counts much for being homegrown since the only thing home-grown was the Oregano and Basil that went into the sauce and the Rosemary that went into the altered gluten-free Focaccia recipe for the dough.

Cold Salad with HG Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots and Sunchokes. It also includes Coho Salmon, Potato Starch Noodles, Vegenaise (our son is allergic to eggs, so no Mayonaise), and Organic Mustard
This is Hiyashi Chuka, HG ingredients are: Carrots, Green Beans, Cucumbers.  Bought items are organic turkey bacon, organic chicken breast, organic bulb onions, and noodles. That and gluten-free soy sauce, organic rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil and organic agave nectar.


Anne said...

Your cooking always makes me hungry! Looking awesome AJK! Do you have any recipes for what you make?

Oh... lovely sunflower, but heads up on the "urban homesteading" phrase on it. The Dervaes family trademarked "urban homestead" and "urban homesteading"... which also led to the removal of the Denver Urban Homestead page on facebook (bummer because that was where you got the local updates for it, and that area is desperate for such a endeavor. Oh well I guess. Total shame as the farmer's markets out there are horrid, and that was the best you could do for local grown food.)

AJK said...

Hi Anne,

Thanks for the compliments! I don't have EXACT recipes as my Mom taught me to "throw a dash of this and a splash of that" and taste it and add more of this if it's not enough...lol! I can try to approximate the amount of each ingredient.

About the "urban homestead" phrase, from what I understand, as long as you are not making a profit for that phrase, you are allowed to use it freely. My blog is ad-free and so there's no income I generate from it.

That's what they "told" me on their blog and FB. The whole thing is so touchy it's sadly ridiculous. They DO know about my blog and they haven't pounced on it.