Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garden Updates

Pumpkin and Corn bed. The Corn are still very small plants.
Kabocha Pumpkins, Big one & a small one
Big Max Pumpkin & Japanese Cuke
Corn and Bush-bean bed
Yummy green grapes ripening in the warm sun
It's a mango!
4-Season Lettuce seedlings

OK, for a more artisitic view of the garden:

This piece is something I want to title: "Bite".  The sunlight's glow is the focus of this pic.
Despite the damage received by insects, the sunlight shines through the hole and the Shiso plant displays beauty and hope.

This piece is called "Self Portrait". It's a photo of my world with myself in this photo. I like the multiple layers that resembles me.


BLD in MT said...

Oh, no way...mangoes!!! You can grow everything where you are!

Those grapes look fantastic, too.

AJK said...

We shall see if the Mango tree hangs onto the fruit, but last year they dropped them before they got this big. (1") We are just hoping it will give us at least one fruit!

Thanks for always stopping by! :-)