Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garden Updates: June 7th

We just had a nice rain on Sunday night. Rain just seems to make things grow so much more than our regular waterings.  Here are pots with bulb onion starts. I plan to interplant them with the carrots.
Here's the volunteer Kabocha Pumpkin, it's the most vigorous and productive so far!
Unfortunately, Tim accidentally tipped the wheel barrow full of dirt right onto the pumpkin.  It suffered quite a few broken leaves :-(  Fortunately the fruits weren't damaged
This is the "new" 20x20 area now growing Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Lettuce, Shiso and Pumpkin. I just planted Corn and Kidney Beans in the newest bed.
We're moving the some of the Strawberries in pots to the concrete area surrounding the 20x20 area so we can better utilize this area to plant more food!  We used to have a bed here, then had it removed because Mom wanted an area to process the leaves and branches after pruning, but I felt it was a waste of space. As you can see, our garden is always evolving. I planted the Chinese Yams near the wire trellis

Here they are close-up
Valencia Oranges are starting to ripen. They are usually best around July
The north wall with Eggplant, Amaranth, Green Onion, Camomile, and Garlic Chives. I also planted some Kidney Beans that will replace the Amaranth when we harvest the Amaranth soon
The Okra have sprouted among the Sweet Potatoes. Hoping they will grow fast enough before the Sweet Potatoes start their vigorous ivy-like growth.
Burdock seedlings have sprouted
Oca (Oxalis Tuberosa) is doing well in the "pond" area and also in the pots.

Here's a close-up on the potted Oca. They look like clovers but with furry leaves
Should I hope??? We have a few Mangoes clinging on. I don't know if they will stay
The giant hole has been filled!!!
Tim strung up the Blackberry stems to avoid damaging them while filling the hole.
This is the east side wall
On the same east wall, we have a surviving Blue Basil (the rest were killed off with the unusually cold winter) Yellow Day Lily, Rakkyo  and White Sapote seedling. The Sapote seedling(lower center) is finally growing some nice leaves after I gave it lots of manure
Kyohou Grapes are fattening up
Green Grapes are starting to look plump. I tried one of the bigger fruits but it was SOUR!!!
The Corn and Kidney Bean bed, (boot looks silly, but we were keeping it dry from the rain)
Amish Paste Tomatoes (there's 3 here can you find them?)
The Big Max pumpkin didn't get too big. It's starting to turn orange already

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