Monday, June 6, 2011

Homegrown Meals, No Sugar Strawberry Jam

Homegrown meals, this isn't everything we've eaten through the week, since mealtimes are the busiest times.
Here's a meal with homegrown Zukes, Komatsuna, Carrots and Shungiku. The fried smelt is in potato starch batter, that was store-bought.
Bibimbap without the seasoned ground turkey
(it wasn't finished in time for this pic and I was really hungry)

"Potato" Salad with HG Potatoes, Sun-chokes, Carrots, Cucumbers. Also, eggs from Farmer's Market, and store-bought mayo.  The Sun-chokes aren't to obtrusive if eaten this way.
No Sugar Jam with Stevia and pectin

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