Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harvest Updates, Tues. May 24th

It's been rather overcast and cold these few days, but the Garden is still producing well. It feels like a it's JUST becoming spring rather than the actual season this time of year, where summer should be just around the bend.

Here we have Rosemary & Camomile for drying, Zucchinis, Cucumbers,
Royal Purple Bush Beans, and Strawberries
We had to dig up the Potatoes early since the Bell Peppers just couldn't wait for the bed that Tim's been working on.  Got a decent harvest but, a bit on the wanting side for 3/4 of a bed. I suppose it's not bad for 2 months in the soil, we planted the seed potatoes around March 16th. Here's a pic of the seed taters on March 14th.  The larger ones we harvested, we'll NOT eat. We're going to dry them and put them in the fridge to let it "over winter" for a few weeks then plant them again.  This is experimental, as I don't know if potatoes like our scorching hot summers.
Mom LOVES potatoes, got too excited about the potatoes and cooked them and ate quite a few before I got around to take pic of these little potatoes!
Some strawberries and an under-ripe lemon to compare in size
 Cucumbers, Lettuce, Shiso (Perilla) and Strawberries
 Celery, Bok Choy, Yu Choi, Green Onions (Wakegi type), Cilantro and Cukes
 The line up: Strawberries, Zukes, Cukes, and the volunteer Tomatoes.
The Toms don't look pretty, they've got that dingy brown Brandywine color but, they are sweet and a nice bite size snack.
 Mint, this type goes well with meats

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