Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Updates, May 18th

They say April showers bring May flowers but, we've been getting quite a bit of rain these past 2 days.  We got a total of 2", which I think is rare for this time of year.
The Daikon radishes and most of the Bok Choy were pulled this morning.
You can see the holes where the fat Daikon roots were.
I've planted some carrots in between the Bok Choy and Daikon and many of them  have sprouted. 
The Spanish Black Radish and Cilantro have become monstrous and is caving into itself. Still flowering profusely and attracting a lot of honey bees and beneficial insects like the parasitic wasp.
The volunteer tomato agains the back wall is a very productive vine. I think it's crossed between a Roma Tomato and Cherry Tomato.
Big Max Pumpkin growing steadily.
Japanese Cucumbers are doing well.
Looks like it will be a sunny day tomorrow!


Katie said...

I was recently telling someone how large cilantro plants grow if left alone, and they didn't believe me! I always love to see your garden updates. THIS blog is what garden blogs should be like. :)

AJK said...

Thanks Katie, that's the sweetest thing anyone has said about my garden blog! I just keep track of growth and how things change with time. We're trying to let the cilantro go to seed. I don't know if we'll be successful, we've tried before with no luck.