Sunday, May 8, 2011

Garden Updates, May 8th

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's out there! <3

Green baby grapes are growing rounder
Oca plants doing pretty good in pots. We have some in direct soil, so we'll see which performs better
The bed that had carrots. You can see the yard long bean seedlings in the center lane among the carrot leaf mulch. Some of them are exhibiting mosaic virus patches so that worries me 
Bok Choi greens sheltering delicate Carrot seedlings while they germinate.
Daikon radish is starting to fatten up, I can't believe how fast these things grow! The seedling pics I took were dated March 31!
The Celery bed with the Eggplants in pots on the side. The Eggplants are ready for transplant
We just cleared the Broad Beans from the left side. (Potatoes on the right)
We're putting the Eggplants here
Mom decided to clear the edible weeds (Asiatic Dayflower) from behind the Valencia Orange. Those things grow so fast, we can't keep up with eating them because they are rather mucilaginous.  She decided she'd rathe have more NZ Spinach there.
Volunteer mystery pumpkin thriving by the rock bucket near the new tomato bed
OK, here's a FAIL! Okra amongst Pumpkin and Cucumbers is a flop. The Okra grow too slowly for the pumpkins and never really got to grow. I'll have to find a different spot for the Okra now
What worked well as I presumed were the Lettuces under the Pumpkin leaves. Nice and shady
Chard filling in if only the caterpillars stopped making holes in them...  So far no slugs even though we mulched.
Amish Paste Toms really like the trellis since they are rather floppy plants
Rogue thornless blackberry plant
On the left are the Asparagus, they are so fine, it's hard to see them. The foreground one has flowers.
The right side is the peach tree our neighbor brought to us which she grew from seed. We hope it's a good peach. I named it Alauria

Trouble on the Fuji Apple tree leaves. APHIDS have attacked! So far no ladybugs to devour the little pests.  I may have to transplant a few ladybug babies from the backyard.  I put too much manure based compost under this tree since the Strawberry plants enjoy nitrogen rich soil.  I guess it's too rich for Apple trees.

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