Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden Updates April 30, New Tomato "Cage"

Midnight Trooper... Tim chose to dig during the week, what a trooper!

Here's the giant hole! Our son is loving the excavations.  He asked he could go in and I said, "Yes, but please be careful!" He hopped right in and said, "I'm going spelunkering!"

More adventures in the backyard, being a dare-devil, "I'm walking the plank!" Aye yi yi!  If you look behind our adventuresome son, you'll see that Tim put up a new tomato trellis/cage.
Dill pickle time is approaching!
First zucchini of the season!
"The Green Beans are coming! The Green Beans are coming!"
(...what Paul Revere would have said if he were a... carrot...?)
The sun highlighting the vibrant red stems of chard.  Have you noticed, I mulched!

A new curious onion in our garden: The Walking Egyptian Onion.  Instead a flower head, this onion produced little pups of onions, sometimes complete with their own pups!
Chayote Starting to climb the wall trellis.
The front pot has the Ground Nut (Apios Americana) growing. I've got to transplant it very soon.
Feijoa  (pineapple guava) blossoms. The petals are edible and our son loves to snack on them. He has to share, as the mocking birds love them just as well!
Sun burnt leaves of the zucchini. The weather is very erratic.  There were about 4 days of cool over-cast days, then blazing hot for 2 days. The leaves that grew while it was cool, couldn't handle the scorching sun.
Planted the Tree Kale!

The view of the garden where walls meet in the northwest corner.

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