Friday, April 24, 2009

itty bitty bamboo shoots

these little guys are only about 2" tall.  We decided to uproot all the bamboo in the backyard as we are eventually going to be removing the concrete for some raised veggie beds. Right now, the concrete is inhibiting this culm right now, but once we remove it, it will sucker where-ever it finds fresh new soil! We plan on eating these little things somehow... maybe takikomi gohan... If you don't know what that is here's a description:


Kory said...

I love the look (and taste) of bamboo, but I fear my yard being dominated.

AJK said...

Hi Kory, thanks for looking, I fear that too. That's why we're ripping these out before the expansion of the veggie garden, but they will be transplanted into a planter. I did some research about bamboo types. There is a giant bamboo called "oldhamii" that doesn't send out long suckers underground but tends to cluster. The only thing is, it's like 30'+ tall. Beautiful plant tho.