Monday, April 6, 2009

Harvest Update

Here's a large collander full of Loquats, some Kale behind it and a very happy boy ready to dig into the juicy fruits. This bowl had 4.5 lbs of fruit, and we're not done yet.
Our total harvest for March was 45.15 lbs.
Here's the breakdown:
Greens 4.75 lbs, Broccoli 0.75 lbs, Carrots 0.31 lbs, Kale 2.3 lbs, NZ Spinach 1.3 lbs, Potatoes 5 lbs, Kumquats 4.44 lbs, Cherry Tomatoes 1.27 lbs, Radish Greens 0.34 lbs, Herbs 0.06 lbs, Oranges 4.38 lbs, Tangerines 18.63 lbs, Loquats 1.34 lbs & Strawberries 0.28 lbs


Weeping Sore said...

Yikes! I hope you have enough canning supplies to hold on to your harvest. This time of year, I'm lucky if I can snag a sprig of broccoli before the white cabbage flies notice it. I'm jealous, but I also recognize the person-hours you and family must invest to harvest such bounty.

Daphne said...

What a nice harvest. Our garden is just starting as the snows have finally melted. I think I have at least a month before I can start tallying up my produce.

Anonymous said...

Can I buy some loquat seeds? Maybe a trade? I have heirloom seeds, including Bloody Butcher Corn (grown during depression) and others listed on I'm also on the hunt for Cocktail Avocados aka Avocaditos and Yacon!

AJK said...

Thanks Weeping Sore and Daphne for stopping by! Loquats are a very hardy tree in our region. They grow like weekds. I don't have luck with broccoli though,the florets never seem to get bigger than 2". Perhaps it's too warm here.

You can have the seeds if you send me a self addressed, stamped envelope!