Friday, April 24, 2009

The Bees are back!

We can't "bee"lieve it! A new group of bees have decided to build in the same exact sprinkler box. I asked DS back to offer these bees to him. He came quickly, but boy these bees build fast! This was built in 2 days! DS took this first picture. The other 2 are by me. This time I wasn't able to help out with the "cutout". I had some deadlines with my Freelance work doing animation stuff. This group was a much smaller group than the first, but we're guessing they are from the same mother hive, they were just as gentle as the first group. They really must love this spot to keep building in it. I must have a destiny to keep bees someday...


DS said...

Great Blog entry! Hope to have a report back on the developing hive in next week. Missed your helping hand but luckily this was a smaller swarm & was a 2 day old hive only.

Well gotta go check on a community garden neighbor who thinks she has beehive between house & street in city ground water service hole, in San Marino.

Cheers, DS

AJK said...

I'm glad the bees are settling in at their new home! Thanks for the nod on the "backwardsbeekeepers" group!